Ultra-Thin 12-inch LCD Writing Tablet Pad for All Kids

All kids love drawing and parents often keep some of their drawings as memories. Usually, drawing doesn’t involve much – a piece of paper and a few pencils or markers. However, we live in the era of technologies, so even drawing can become more advanced. And for this review, we chose a perfect combination of a writing board, paper and a tablet – the Ultra-Thin 12-inch LCD Digital Writing Tablet.

Ultra thin 12 Writing Tablet child drawing

This interesting device lets you be the author and the painter. The tablet is equipped with a 12-inch LCD screen (there is also a smaller version with 8-inch screen) which has a pressure-sensitive surface that is very responsive to the included stylus pen. Depending on how hard you push, the line will be thicker or thinner. Once you’ve finished, you just press the button and everything gets erased. That’s why this tablet is also environmentally friendly – it saves a lot of paper.

Ultra-Thin 12 Inch LCD Digital Writing Tablet
Drawing and Handwriting Electronic Pad
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In addition, the tablet is super lightweight and thin (half a centimetre), so it can be carried everywhere. The 3V battery inside it provides almost 50 000 erase cycles and it’s replaceable.

This device presents various users with numerous opportunities. Firstly, this is a great gift for kids – they can draw whatever they want, erase it and start all over again. This tablet is the wonderful way for kids to express their imagination or play some games, like Hangman, Bingo or Tic-Tac-Toe. Secondly, grown-ups can use this device too. For example, if you have to urgently write something down, this tablet will always be ready. It’s ideal for writing to-do lists, shopping lists, notes and reminders. Thirdly, the tablet can be actually very helpful for professional use. Teachers can make up something creative during lessons, designers can quickly draw some sketches and students can make notes during lectures.

All in all, this drawing tablet has wide capabilities but most importantly, it can be a useful gadget for your kids. They can use it for games and education combining having fun with getting smarter.

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