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What Are Bone Conduction Vibration Headphones?

The Bone Conduction Headphone is that they are wireless or wired headphones that sit on your temples, allowing you to perceive sound through vibrations. The technology was discovered in the 18th century by the classical composer, Ludwig van Beethoven, who realized that by fastening a rod to his piano, he could “hear” sound through clenched […]

What Is Bone Conduction All About

If you’ve never come across a bone conduction headphone, you may mistake it for a piece of sci-fi brain-sensing device. A bone conduction headphone straps across the back of your head with the earpiece resting on your cheekbones. Without an earcup or earbud covering your ear, you’ll be able to take in both ambiance sound […]

How Does A Bone Conduction Headphone Sound Like?

It’s hard to explain how bone conduction headphones sound like. However, you can experience the difference with bone conduction by blocking your ears and speaking in usual tones. Note that the ambiance sound has diminished while you’ll still be able to pick up your voice. The sound that you’ve picked up via bone conduction is […]

Is The Bone Conduction Headphone For You?

As sleek as putting on a bone conduction headphone can be, it is not designed to fit every group of users. The primary advantage of bone conduction headphones is that you’re still able to pick up ambiance sound while listening to the audio. This makes it ideal for joggers and cyclists who need to be […]

Are Bone Conduction Headphones Safe?

There is a misconception that using a bone conduction headphone is safer than typical earbuds or headphones. With that said, it is also unfair to claim that bone conduction headphones are hazardous to the listener. The technology itself is harmless, as proven by its use in medical aids. However, the nature of its usage may […]

How Do Bone Conduction Headphones Work?

Unlike typical headphones, the bone conduction headphone does not cover your ear. Neither does it has a diaphragm-based driver. A bone conduction headphone uses a vibrational transducer to transmit sound vibration through cheekbones. The bone conduction headphone is often shaped like a headband that hinges on the top of the ear. When you put on […]