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Real AI Talking Robot with Interactive Dialogue FB52R

New Hot Selling Intelligent Early Education Robot AI Interactive Smart Early Education Robot. The Frist English Version AI Robot World Debut!

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This is the multifunctional and rechargeable smart robot AI Intelligent robot for kids and Early Education.


WiFi networking When using, you need to connect to the local WIFI. You must use a password to connect, and the identifier returned by the robot. The whole language is English.
MP3 player Supports playing online or local MP3 content, which can be voice-on-demand, looped, and manually switched to the previous or next track.
Content classification Massive gurobot background quality content pushes, a total of 3 categories: stories, children’s songs, learning.
APP voice chat The parent mobile phone app can send voice chat communication with the robot.
voice control Voice control random play, on-demand songs with specified song titles, weather, math, geography, characters, etc.
Karaoke You can learn to sing while inserting a microphone into the microphone through the audio hole.
Robot question and answer You can ask a variety of questions, the robot long presses the switch to ask questions, and then let go of the robot to answer the question.
APP background Use gurobot background app
Speech recognition engine Intel speech recognition engine
Automatic shut-down The timer can be set to shut down, and it can be automatically shut down after a period of operation (can be customized).


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