Premium TWS Bluetooth Earphone Factory in China

Shenzhen Funbravo Electronics Co., Ltd was founded in 2010 which is a high-tech enterprise focusing on innovative and high-performance wireless audio products. Our products are exported to Europe, the United States, South America, Asia, the Middle East and other countries.

Our company has 15,000 square meters of intelligent factories, more than 500 employees, and 15 standardized production lines. We strictly implement the complete quality control system of DQE quality+ supply chain+ FATP quality+ CS quality. All products have undergone 15 steps of quality inspection before factory delivery, and 100% QC for three times before packaging. The production pass rate is 99%.

All our products are compliant with CE, RoHS, Reach, SGS, FCC, CA65 and EN50332 standards. Our factory is certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and passes Sedex, BSCI, Walmart audit and other international certifications.

Stable OEM/ODM capability
We focus on TWS, ANC headphones manufacturing/modularity process/MES full process traceability control, and have professional and complete TWS assembly and testing equipment. OEM/ODM ANC headphones and sports earphones are also available.

Our business partners
Based on excellent manufacturing capabilities and services, we have been maintaining long-term and stable partnerships with Walmart, Mercury, Forever 21, Haier, JLAB, HP, Boat, Targa, Target, iClever, Homedics, Lenovo, Philips and other brands. Our vision is to become a world-class supplier of earphones and mobile phone accessories.

Strong R&D and cost control capabilities
We have a R&D team with more than 30 staff, and invest 30% of our revenue in the product development every year. At least 3-4 new products will be launched every month, which can meet the market needs of different customers. Meanwhile, Shenzhen Funbravo Electronics Co., Ltd can also develop new products according to the customer’s specified requirements.

90% of raw materials are manufactured independently by ourselves, and the materials must go through strict quality tests before they go into the production line. It can guarantee the product quality from the source and reduce the cost.

Free packaging design and rendering within 24 hours
Our design team has 5 people and can meet different needs of packaging and design from customers. Also rendering can be given within 24 hours.

24-hour online services
A sales team of over 10 people works 24 hours per day and responds to our buyers instantly. Call us now.

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