How Does A Bone Conduction Headphone Sound Like?

It’s hard to explain how bone conduction headphones sound like. However, you can experience the difference with bone conduction by blocking your ears and speaking in usual tones. Note that the ambiance sound has diminished while you’ll still be able to pick up your voice.

The sound that you’ve picked up via bone conduction is different from hearing through eardrums. It just doesn’t have the same quality or richness in the tone. Again, this doesn’t mean that a bone conduction headphone will sound bad. It’s just different.

Technically, bone conduction will not produce the same bass quality as a regular headphone. Some users have also claimed that bone conduction headphones may suffer from distortion at certain frequencies.

If you’re a passionate audiophile who needs nothing but perfectly rich audio, the bone conduction headphone is not for you. However, if you’re looking for a headphone that allows you to take in the surrounding sound, you ought to get one.

It’s important to have a realistic expectation of bone conduction headphones. Instead of being attracted to its sleek designs or claims of safety, only choose a bone conduction headphone if it truly serves your needs.

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