About Wireless Charging Technology for Qi Enabled Devices

What is wireless charging?

Wireless charging or induction charging is a new technology that uses electromagnetic induction to transfer energy from one device to another without using a cable. An electromagnetic field is established between the device and the corresponding wireless charging pad that facilitates energy transfer and recharges the battery. Power transfer is supported only over very short distances.

The first successful application of wireless charging was tried by J.G. Bolger and F.A. Kristen to power up a vehicle by using road transmitters and receivers on the vehicle.

Wireless charging has provided a safe, fast and convenient way to power up devices at home, workplace or machines in an industry. Power is able to flow through an air gap, and non-metal objects like wood, graphite or plastic through a systematic energy transformation process.

How it works

Wireless charging is carried out in a series of steps as highlighted below:

The mains voltage is converted to high frequency alternating current.
The transmitter circuit sends the alternating current (AC) to the transmitter coil. Here it induces a time varying magnetic field.
The magnetic field induced in the transmitter coil is then transferred to the receiver coil. This occurs within a specified distance.
Current is generated in the receiver coil of the device by the magnetic field. This process is known as resonant or magnetic coupling which is made possible by bath coils resonating at similar frequencies.
The current flowing in the receive coil is then converted to direct current (DC) by the receiver circuit.
The direct current is then used to wirelessly charge the battery.

Applications of wireless charging

Small consumer electronics like some cell phones, handheld devices, some computers and other devices operating at 100 watts and below power levels.
Support of electric vehicles that use 1 kilowatt and above power levels. It provides a convenient alternative to plug-in charging.

Advantages of wireless charging

There are no risks of electrical faults like short-circuits despite connections being broken frequently.
It limits chances of corrosion that occur when electronics are enclosed
It promotes durability of your device and socket as there is no wear and tear from constant plugging and unplugging.
Increased convenience since there are no need for cables.
How do Our Wireless Charging Pads Work?

We are a leader in the sale of high quality wireless charging pads. Our FB-600F Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone X 8 Plus, Samsung S8 and Note 8 is a perfect example.

Mind-blowing Features of Our Wireless Charging Pad
Universally compatible with all Qi wireless charging devices.
LED indicator that shows the charging status of your device.
Protection from overcurrent, overheat, short circuit and overvoltage.
Non-slip rubber coating that protects your device from scratches.
Provides a charging distance of 10mm or less.
Maximum output of 5V/1A and input of 5V/2A.

The world is embracing the benefits of the wireless chargers over the traditional chargers. In about 15 years, the whole world will use the wireless charging system. Get in the wave and get yourself a superb wireless charger for your device from Funbravo.com.

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