A Portable LCD Writing Tablet for Kids and Parents

A couple of weeks ago, Toy Buyin Ryan sent me an email saying “HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE BOOGIE BOARDS? They’re amazing” (exactly like that, CAPS and everything). The first thing that went through my head was…”Like those water toys? Ryan, the summer is almost over and you’re just pointing this out to me now?” BUT, he IS Toy Buyin Ryan, so I figured it was worth a look. Off I went into the warehouse to find these “AMAZING” Boogie Boards.

After a little searching (and asking our helpful warehouse supervisor) we discovered that these Boogie Boards ($39.95, Ages 5+) are actually Portable LCD Tablets. Needless to say, I was VERY interested now. So, I opened one up and was immediately impressed by the thin, sleek structure of the tablet. I took out the stylist and started to doodle. The best way to describe it would be that it is the 2012 version of an Etch-a-Sketch but writes exactly like a pen/pencil on paper and could easily be slipped into a purse, knapsack or shoulder bag.

After playing around, some of my favourite things about the Boogie Board are:

When you press the button at the top, everything is erased (no shaking required!)
The Battery is included and is guaranteed to last a lifetime (and WILL last since LCD’s take such little power)
It is quite literally a blank slate (minus the chalk & dust) so kids can use it to draw & create or practice writing & math
Comes with a stylus, BUT you can also use your finger to draw on it
Great to take on car rides to doodle on & play games (X’s & O’s anyone???)
Perfect for writing cute notes to your littles ones & making lists (and is harder to lose than a piece of paper)
Comes in 3 Colours (Red, Blue & Black) and you can also get a Sleeve (Reg. $9.95)to protect it from getting scratched in a backpack or purse
The only feature that would be nice on one of these is an “undo” button or an erase feature for when you make mistakes. However, I think the Boogie Board is a VERY versatile tablet and is great for the whole family!

Have you played with one of these yet? What do YOU think about them?

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